• Cataracts : A cataract is a thickening and clouding of the lens of the eye. Your eye lens helps you focus on what you see. Cataracts can make a person's vision blurry or make it hard to see at night.

Researches show that people with diabetes are more likely to develop cataracts if they have high blood sugar levels over a long period of time. A person can have surgery treatment to eliminate cataract.

• Diabetic Retinopathy : Retinopathy involves changes in the retina, the light-sensitive layer behind the eye. These changes happen because of damage or growth problems in the small blood vessels of the retina.

Retinopathy is more likely to become a problem in people with diabetes if they have high blood sugar levels over a long period of time, if they have high blood pressure, or if they use smoke or chew tobacco. Retinopathy can even lead to blindness.

If retinopathy becomes more advanced, laser treatment may be needed to help prevent vision loss.

• Glaucoma : People with diabetes also have a greater chance of developing glaucoma. In this disease, pressure builds up inside the eye, which can decrease blood flow to the retina and optic nerve and cause permanent damage to them. At first, a person may not have any vision problems. But if it's not treated, glaucoma can cause a person to lose vision. The risk increases as a person gets older and has a history of long term diabetes. People with glaucoma need medications to lower the pressure inside the eye.

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